Friday, May 25, 2012

Behavioral Specialist Visit

Monday we traveled to the children's hospital to see the behavioral specialist. He was able to see Kennan in action. Both by Kennan's own actions and on some video clips we had taken. Kennan is heavy on the ODD tendencies at this point. The doctor is starting him on some meds to see if they will help. They are non-stimulant (which created issues for Kennan) and it's not an antipsychotic med (hallelujah!!). We will return to see him in six to eight weeks. By then we should know if the meds will benefit Kennan or not. In the mean time the doctor is going to call a colleague and do some additional research to see what else might be of benefit to Kennan. It was a good visit. We hope that we may find some additional things that will help Kennan to move forward.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Once Again . . . .

On Monday we are once again off to see the pediatric behavioral specialist. We were suppose to have a follow up appointment about a month after our initial visit but the doctors office never called to set up the visit. We got busy with birthday, Easter, baptism, and company and didn't follow up until this week. When we called they said we are kind of booked up but let us see if we have an available opening - pause - oh we have one for this Monday can you come then. Of course we said yes.
Kennan has been having a rough time the last week or two. I think largely because school is winding down for the year. Any change for these kids can bring monumental stress. It makes life hard for everyone in the family. They just can't really manage any heightened state.
Kennan will apologise for doing something and immediately turn around and do the exact same thing again - and then he will ask why he is in trouble. It is very frustrating for both him and us. What for most of us would be a "mole hill" event is a "giant mountain" event for him.
So it really may be a good time to go and visit once again with the behavioral specialist.
On a side note we saw the endocrinologist a second time (at the same time as we visited with the behavioral specialist the first time) and we finally received the results of Kennan's bone x-ray. He is measuring as if he was an eleven year old instead of an eight year old. We have to go back and see her again in either September or October. If at that point his growth patterns are still way ahead of his age then they will make some decisions on medication possibilities. The fun never ends!!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Positively Georgia: Service Dogs- The original FASD dog.

Positively Georgia: Service Dogs: Tracye recently met a service dog who has made a huge difference for a Roswell family. That's today's Positively Georgia.

Click on the title to see a local interview with the family who owns the first FASD service dog. (sorry about the commercial before the video starts).