Friday, August 2, 2013

A Really Wonderful Surprise!!

A week ago today we got a really great e-mail from 4paws. We have had a large addition to Kennan's fund raising totals. We now have $10,667.46 going toward his dog. We think that there is also a couple of things that aren't yet showing which would allow us to top $11,000. We can hardly believe it we are almost there. We are waiting on a specific available date from the city for our fun run. We hope that this event will be our last and that we will be able to finally be finished with this part and awaiting our date for Kennan/and us to go to training and bring home his dog. If you still follow us here please start promoting our fun run as soon as we announce the date. And to all of you who have helped us over the last 21 months a big huge thank you.